The PloggingParty comes to Coonoor and Kotagiri

Thanks to the warm introduction of an environmentally journalist at The Hindu, Pankaja Srinivasan, i was introduced to Shobhana and Samantha from Ooty and Coonoor, respectively. Pankaja had recommended that we all work together as we were all doing similar work in our own little hillstations.

After a warm introduction, it has snowballed into 2 full blown events in Coonoor and Kotagiri. Ooty is currently too crowded to run a Plogging Party. However, along the way my work partner (www.ModernMedia.IN), Tarun Devaraj introduced me to his cousin Sangheeta, who is active in cleaning-up Kotagiri. And that’s how Kotagiri happened.

They went all out and we have 7 sponsors across the two events, namely The Donnington Bakehouse, The Lakshmi Holiday Inn, Hopscotch RestoPub, Clean Coonoor, Yatra Travels, 180 McIver, De Rock Jungle Living. ALL sponsored money will go towards feeding volunteers at the end of the plog.

We are thrilled!

A shout out to CampMonk for mentioning these two events in their blog.

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