Chinese Street Food, Jian Bing, The Chinese Dosa Egg Roll

This delicious dish gets crispy and rolled out in about 35 seconds. I’m yet to figure out what’s in it. It’s called the Jian Bing and is extremely popular.

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I live in Goa. I work with artists putting together various projects like photoshoots, art installations, music videos, social media campaigns, tours for musicians. Occasionally i write for magazines, newspapers and websites. I am an extremely positive person by nature. Sometimes even annoyingly positive. Deal with it. I've lived across India: Born in Secunderabad, a couple of years in Madras (now Chennai), then Ahmedabad, two years boarding school in Mt Abu, about six months in a small village called Kattanam in Kerala, Kuwait, ten years in Bangalore, a year in Chennai, two years in Bombay, three years in Delhi, almost a year in Shanghai, four months in San Francisco, then back to Bangalore for two years and now in Goa.

5 thoughts on “Chinese Street Food, Jian Bing, The Chinese Dosa Egg Roll

  1. wow…. wow tats is soo damn fast n … wat precision !!!
    so hw u been bro.. hwz china treatin u …. i’m followin all ur blogs…. keep bloggin !!

  2. hey thanks Jiji.. Jacob Jr.. China’s good, as you can see from this blog.. it’s great and amazing too! at least Shanghai is.. i haven’t been out of this city yet.. but i plan on.. soon..
    comment more.. and do share the links to relevant people, once in a while.. 🙂

  3. Wow! This looks really yummy. The dough looks stickier than our dosa batter but it looks crispier. By the way the lady in the back was so fast with her jiang bing! That stuff they add at the end looks like crackling.

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